About Visit Åland

Visit Åland is Åland’s official tourist and member organisation and has about 340 members.  Visit Åland’s main aim is to market Åland as a travel destination and to work with the local tourist industry to develop tourism in the Åland Islands.

Visit Åland’s aims and tasks include:

  • marketing and branding Åland as a travel destination
  • representing the tourist branch before the authorities
  • maintaining tourist information 
  • encouraging member businesses to develop products, raise quality and undertake new projects in the tourist branch
  • production and distribution of brochures and inserts 
  • Åland’s official tourism portal Visitaland.com
  • press relations, trade fairs and other sales activities 
  • Co-operation with retailers and agents
  • Advertising campaigns and other marketing and PR activities

Our address:

Visit Åland
Storagatan 8
AX-22100 Mariehamn,
Åland, Finland

Tel: +358 18 24000




Media and agencies may download Ålands own logotype free of charge for non-commercial use.

The color and the shape of the logotype are based on the Åland flag, the best-known symbol for Åland. The curved profile emits humanitarian warmth, creativity and unexpected experiences. There is a free zone around the logotype that will protect its integrity. The logotype is available in two different formats.

You may freely use the logotype in travel catalogues that market Åland, to illustrate editorial articles about Åland (not for advertising) if the author aims to present Åland as a travel destination or for other positive editorial coverage of Åland.




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